Essentials of MBA (EsMBA) modules:


By Professor Taieb Hafsi, HEC Montreal


This seminar is intended as a showcase in Strategic thinking. It is divided into two segments. The first segment lasts one day, and targets CEOs and company presidents. It is mostly focused on strategy in situations of complexity. The second segment lasts two days and targets executives at the intermediate level. It deals more extensively with strategy analyses, with an emphasis on alliances and mergers-acquisitions. An additional one-day coaching workshop is also provided by Iranian experts.

Strategic management is focused on the organization as a whole. We are not so much concerned about what to do in terms of marketing, finance or human resource management, but about how to make all these consistent, to enhance the ability of the firm to create value, build a distinctive competence and eventually succeed against its competitors. At the more complex level, strategic management is mostly about meta-management or the ability to generate the organizational behavior, which leads to the outcomes mentioned earlier.

Strategic management for Intermediate executives

This strategic management executive program addresses some important issues. It is divided into four parts. Each part introduces participants to a critical topic or issue in strategic management. We shall in particular develop knowledge and skills in formulating a strategy, and understanding the key issues in implementing it. We conclude with an important insight into strategy implementation in situations of complexity.

Four issues are addressed in this seminar:

  1. Top managers’ roles and responsibilities
  2. Fundamentals: Environment, Resources and Strategy
  3. Implementing strategy
  4. Complexity and strategy ImplementationProgram détails

Program details

Part 1: Introduction: The General manager’s roles and responsibilities (1.5 hours)
Part 2: Fundamentals: Environment, resources and strategy (5 hours)
Part 3: Synthesis of strategy formulation (1.5 hours)
Part 4: Applicability to Iranian business
Part 5: Implementing strategy
Part 6: Complexity and strategy
Conclusion: Strategy and leadership

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