The discussion of each issue includes a conceptual introduction, and a discussion of a case situation.
Participants are expected to make a preparation for the seminar by reading the cases used in class.

Strategy fundamentals (2 hours)

Two important issues are addressed here: (1) Understanding the environment; (2) building competitive advantage. Both are addressed using the Dell Company case. Although the situation is dating, it is revealing.

Matching Dell

Preparation questions:

  1. How would you explain the CP industry low profitability?
  2. Why is Dell so profitable?
  3. Why competitors cannot copy Dell’s strategy?
  4. How do you see the competitive future and the future of Dell?

Strategy Implementation (2 hours)

This will be mostly done through concept presentations by the facilitator, and discussion among the group.

As a preparation, please describe briefly your organization’s structure.

Managing complexity (3 hours)

Here we take as a premise that there are management situations where top managers are unable to ascertain cause-effect relationships. We shall therefore ask the question: “How do you manage when you do not understand?”

We shall use a 3M video case and discuss the “Talent Machine GE case.”

The Talent Machine case

Preparation questions:

  1. Are you convinced that GE is a talent machine?
  2. What do you see as critical measures which led to GE being such an amazing talent generator
  3. Could you use these measures in your own companies? Why?

Material used

  1. Outline: Program_Top_Executive
  2. Cases:
    Matching Dell