The discussion of each issue includes a conceptual introduction, and a discussion of a case situation.
Participants are expected to make a preparation for the seminar by reading the cases used in class.

Main Program détails:

Five issues are addressed in this seminar:

  1. Strategic Thinking Competency: Managers’ roles and responsibilities
  2. Fundamentals: Environment, Resources and Strategy
  3. Implementing strategy
  4. Complexity and strategy Implementation
  5. Managing strategic change

The discussion of each issue includes a conceptual introduction, and a discussion of a case situation.

Part 1: Introduction: Strategic Thinking Competency: Managers’ roles and responsibilities

Readings: Andrews, K.R. Chapter 1
Case Videos: (Stew Leonard; Disney)

Part 2: Fundamentals: Environment, resources and strategy

Reading 1: Andrews, K.R., Chapter 2 and 3
Reading 2: Porter’s five forces
Readings 3 & 4:
(1) Barney’s Resource theory
(2) Prahalad core competence

Case reading 1: Matching Dell (Ivey Publishing)

Preparation questions:

  1. Why is the PC industry profitability so low?
  2. Why is Dell so profitable?
  3. Can you compute Dell’s cost advantage?
  4. Why the other competitors cannot do the same?
  5. How do you see the future?

Case reading 2: Business Competition in China: Beer, PCs, Steel, TV sets (Ivey Publishing)

Preparation: read the case and think about how the context affects competitive analyses and competitive behavior.

Synthesis of strategy formulation

Case reading 3: Alibaba: technology, strategy, and sustainability (Ivey Publishing)

Preparation questions:

  1. What is Alibaba’s strategy and business model?
  2. What do see as competitive advantages of Alibaba?
  3. Are these advantages sustainable?

Part 3: Implementing strategy

(1) Andrews: Strategy and structure
(2) Andrews: Process

Case reading 4: Structural experiments (read the four short cases)

Case video: 3M

Part 4: Complexity and strategy

Readings: The resource allocation process (ppt)

Case reading 5: Canon: Competing on capabilities (Insead case)

Preparation questions:

  1. Is Canon well managed? Why?
  2. What do you see as critical in the success of the personal copier venture?
  3. Would see management as Canon’s competitive advantage? Is it sustainable?
  4. What do you see as the main threats facing Canon?
  5. What would you recommend to Mr. Kaku?

Conclusion: Strategic leadership is critical for sucess

Material used

  1. Andrew, K.R. : The concept of corporate strategy. Edited by Irwin.
  2. Porter’s five forces
  3. Barney’s resource theory
  4. Prahalad and Hame: The core competence of a corporation
  5. Outline : Program_July_25_to_27
  6. Cases:
    1. Matching Dell
    2. Business_Competition_in_China
    3. Alibaba_Group
    4. Structural experiments
    5. Canon: Competing on capabilities English version || Canon_Case Competing on capabilities  Persian version
    6. Iranian no-name cases
    7. Video cases